5 reasons why understanding the brain is crucial

Insight into cognitive skills is so tremendously important for a wide variety of reasons, both in professional and private contexts. Read more about it here and get started with your own Brain Profile right away.


Growth Mindset – or not?

One of the most common mistakes people make is that they claim, “The brain is in development all your life, so you can become a top talent in anything related to the brain.” Some of what this says is true, but the assumption is completely wrong.


The power of Neuro in HR

Congratulations! You now have a million more neurons than when you started reading this sentence. Your brain, the crucial organ in your body, is not only the control panel for every other system in your body, it is also the home of your mind and thoughts.


Attention please!

Do I have your attention? Great! Then I will tell you something about attention and how measuring attention capacity can provide insight into a person’s performance in the workplace.
Attention, please!


Brain test replaces traditional IQ test

Talents and natural aptitudes of employees can be mapped out with a brain test. In this article we explain the difference between the classical reasoning or IQ test and the brain test.


The future of HR technology

Today, everything must go quickly and efficiently, including in HR. Technology helps, but its integration into HR policy raises questions. Read the benefits and tips for using technology in a reliable way.


Our society and its approach to success

We are all in search of success and ultimate happiness. We run away from anything that has to do with failure. However, this is an important factor that contributes to success. So please, let us be unhappy and fail from time to time!


A cup of coffee?

For years, coffee was wrongly labelled as unhealthy. When you read about the risks, you would almost not dare to go near caffeine any longer. When we dig deeper into information and research, it soon becomes clear that things need to be corrected: Coffee – in the right quantity – has mainly positive effects!