find your rhythm

human nature is complex

Being human ourselves, we know!

We have wants and needs, personal drivers that have been molded through childhood. Our personality grows, our brain’s prefrontal cortex matures, and our natural talents show. We grow at our personal rhythm. And that is where we come to the heart of the matter. We never learnt to listen to this personal rhythm. Getting you to recognize, understand and respect your own rhythm is WayFinders ultimate goal. We see it as our mission in life to enhance your self-insight so that you can become a stronger and more balanced professional who finds energy in day-to-day activities. To do this we created the C-Bind method.

The C-Bind Method

We believe that a human being is like a diamond. Multi-faceted. To be able to cut your own diamond to suit the multi-faceted you, we went behind the obvious and developed the multi-faceted C-bind method.

This C-bind method integrates:

  • Context
  • Behaviour
  • Identity
  • Neurological patterns
  • Drivers

Not sure what we are talking about? The short movie ‘Alike’ will make it clear.

connecting beyond the obvious

Interested in the full C-bind method?  Check out our WayCenter program.

More interested in one item? Go for it! Pick and choose those aspects of the C-bind method that bring you the insights needed to further your career.


The Full Monty

Our WayCenter offers a complete insight into your natural aptitudes, talents, drivers and preferences while taking a closer look at the context that best suits your abilities.

Pick & Choose your program

Select only those aspects that bring additional insights to further your career.

Brain Profile

Get to know your natural cognitive abilities

Enter the NeurOlympics and find out what your natural aptitude us and how you can develop skills that will energize you.

Let's talk Talent!

Yes, you've got it!

Gain insight in your talents & drivers. What motivates you? What gives you energy? What drains your energy? One session with a WayFinders will define your profile and define your next step.

Individual Coaching


Discover your personal and professional growth path with a WayFinders coach. The number of sessions will depend on your wants and needs.


Looking for more? Our online Masterclasses focus on specific topics. Check them out.



Learn how to focus in tune with your neurological pattern. Feel more balanced by understanding what your brain needs in terms of attention management.

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