Our Team

In the end we’re all wayfinders

The proof of the Pudding is in the Eating – Get to know us

WayFinders consists of a varied network of HR experts, neuroscientists and tech specialists. We combine our knowledge and passion to create exciting projects, conversations (and discussions) – always with extraordinary results. Our shared vision: putting people and their development at the centre, using science and technology as a lever.

Practice what you preach

At WayFinders, we make workability and talent management for our employees a priority. We identify talents and then focus our employees as much as possible on what they are good at and what gives them energy. We focus on the further development of strengths and enter into dialogue with each WayFinder.

we share the same dna

Quality, playfulness, eagerness to learn and positivity are part and parcel of the Wayfinders dna.


We love our job! We work on a scientific basis and thrive on a job well-done. What counts is what your organization needs, not what we can get out of it. Talk to us so we know what will work best for you.


We practice what we preach – no facade here! We try and live in synch with our own rhythm. A genuine and no-nonsense approach is what works best for us to build trust.

Eagerness to learn

Sometimes the solution can be found in traditional models. Sometimes we need to think outside the box. As lifelong learners we are curious and eager to find what fits best.


We do not impose solutions but look for options, alternatives and co-create together with you. We listen, ponder and speak our mind.
Together, we can!


Do you have a first experience in assessment or development centers, and would you like to be part of an enthusiastic and growing team? Then our vacancy could be for you! Check this out and contact us for a first acquaintance.

Can you identify with what you are reading here? Would you like to work together? Or do you have an idea you would like to share and develop?

As part of Cronos NV, we are open to new, creative brainwaves and the brains that go with them. Feel free to contact us!

Feeling a certain threshold to contact us? Ignore it! Who knows what we can build together!

WayFinders is part of The Compass cluster.